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March 11th, 2008

Almost another month since I posted...but I have posted a couple of poems on write_away for critique in that time so it's not a total loss.

*slaps self on back on hand*

Must try harder! :-)

February 14th, 2008

Returning from the abyss!

open book
I'm blaming Christmas & moving house for my lack of posts & complete lack of writing for the last two months.

So now I'm starting afresh. I have started work on Hunter's Daughter again, and I'm almost at the end of the planning stage - should soon be starting to get some words down on the page. I also have a couple of short story ideas that I'd like to have a play with, so might give them a bash as well.

*puts productive-writing-head on and wanders off to find a pen*

December 10th, 2007

Lack of writing

open book
So, only one thing written this week, but I have a good excuse - we're moving house :-)

The Pursuit of Happiness (beginnings 61) - 319 words

I've started using the beginnings prompts to explore characters and scenes from Hunter's Daughter - I'm not quite ready to plunge into the first draft yet, but I wanted to get to know them a bit and try to find their voices.

December 5th, 2007


open book
319 words for beginnings Challenge 61 - "What do you want, a happy ending?"

Again, these characters are taken from Hunter's Daughter (the story I'm planning).

The Pursuit of HappinessCollapse )

December 2nd, 2007

Written this week...

open book
Patchwork Morsels project:
Mar segment - 401 words
Cold Hands segments x2 - 519 & 542 words
Therapy segment - 506

The Face in the Mirror (beginnings) - 388 words

Stargazing (Poem)

Little bit more planning, too (and the working title, for those who may be interested, is Hunter's Daughter). More will be posted about this project soon :-)

November 28th, 2007

beginnings post

open book
For challenge 60 - Am I talking to a brick wall?

388 words

The Face in the MirrorCollapse )

November 26th, 2007

...and a poor week for writing too :-/

Written last week -

Patchwork Morsels project:
Listening segment - 404 words
The Great Soul Train Robbery segment - 523 words
Story Seeds segment - 479 words

And that's it!

I did do a reasonable amount of planning though, it must be said.

November 19th, 2007

A little late...

open book
Written last week -

Patchwork Morsels project:
Story Seeds segment - 626 words
Tiend segment - 421 words
The Fires of Highwater segment - 548 words

Hidden Treasure (beginnings challenge 59) - 498 words

Meant to get a couple of other things written but had a busy weekend...did do a bit more planning though

November 13th, 2007


open book
498 words for beginnings challenge 59

Hidden TreasureCollapse )

November 11th, 2007

Written this week...

open book
Patchwork Morsels project:
Paper Doors segment - 399 words
The Fires of Highwater segment - 376 words
A Death in the Family segment - 656 words
Therapy in 15 lyrics segment - 494 words

My Love Comes By Night (beginnings challenge 58) - 324 words

...and a bit more planning
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